[Tales on a Whim] Ramblings of an Amberdusk #1

Kensi Amberdusk went to work today as she usually does five days a week. It’s remarkably freezing cold in the office today. She thinks the AC is wonky. Either that or the people she works with are bananas for setting the temperature all the way down to winter mode. Luckily, she brought a jacket; but unluckily, it wasn’t thick enough. Oh, but it has to do. It’s hard to keep writing when your brain feels half-frozen and your fingernails are slowly (but surely) turning purple. Good thing she is only working 8 to 5 today. And it’s almost 5 o’clock. Death by hypothermia, averted.

**Who is Kensi Amberdusk? In a nutshell, she is a twenty-something girl who lives in Shoddyville, an average town in Faulty City. It is just a stone’s throw away from Better City, where she works.  She lives in a small but cozy house with two bedrooms, built on a land she inherited from her wealthy grandmother, Nana Delilah.

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