[Tales on a Whim] The Shoddyville Diaries #1 – Meet Huxley

Huxley Brazentwerp was a handsome man. Everyone in Shoddyville knew it, and he, most of all. He had dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes. He had a megawatt smile that could melt any lady’s heart. He liked to party and drink fancy wine.

Huxley was always very late (sometimes even a no-show) at appointments, even when it’s just meeting up with friends. They would, of course, tell him off, but they could never stay mad at him for long. You see, he’s used to getting what he wants.

He was a relatively nice guy, and he could be gentlemanly at times (whether this was done consciously or subconsciously, no one really knew). But more often than not, Huxley tended to be a jerk. Even so, no one seemed to be able to resist his charm. Huxley always managed to make most people turn a blind eye on his wrongs and get away scot-free. Even Kensi Amberdusk was not immune to this so-called charm of his. No, I daresay she wasn’t; the poor girl. At least for the most part.

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