[Random Babbles] Weatherly’s Book Haul – Mission Report #1

Hazy’s dear & trusty ninja cat, Weatherly, was given a mission: To find some new books for Hazy to read. Being the reliable stealthy ninja feline that he is, he chose to accept the mission. And he did very well indeed. After several weeks of scouring bookstores around town, the following are the titles that he acquired.

Lomogram_2013-09-20_10-14-48-PMFor the month of September, Weatherly was on fire, chasing one book after another:

Persuasion and Seraphina were specifically requested by Hazy. The others, Weatherly just randomly picked out titles he thinks Hazy will like. However, The House of Secrets was actually obtained a few months before and Hazy had already read it… Weatherly is uncertain why it’s even in the picture with him (he suspects Hazy and her muddled hazy mind 😆 )

Lomogram_2013-10-04_11-52-46-PMFor the month of October, Weatherly had a little bit of help from Odie.

Odie picked Bridget Jones. He heard it was funny. He wants Hazy to lighten up and not have too much mystery and crime fiction stuff for this haul.

Weatherly is glad to have found The Importance of Being Earnest. Hazy enjoyed the 2002 movie adaptation and she’s been looking for the book for a while now.

They are both happy with this haul.

Any book suggestions or recommendations, dear readers? Weatherly (and Hazy) would be glad to hear from you! It could help him on his next book mission.

9 thoughts on “[Random Babbles] Weatherly’s Book Haul – Mission Report #1

    • Thank you, professor! Besides Austen, of course. 😉

      Weatherly sends you his warm regards! He is trying to learn a new sword fighting technique to protect you better in PL (he makes me spar with him to practice!). He also says his offer for the ripping matter still stands.

  1. Haha, that is so cute! I read The Mysterious Benedict Society not too long ago, and I’ll think you really enjoy the trilogy. There is also a prequel about Nicholas Benedict when he was a young boy, and I found I loved that just as much, if not more, as the main trilogy. I also read The House of Secrets a couple months after it was released and found it very well imagined with some great twists and turns, and I’m eagerly awaiting the sequel – just five more months to go as long as the release date doesn’t change!

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and being able to talk about them more in depth with you! 😀

    • Weatherly may not be too happy being called cute! Haha. But his cuteness is a weapon, his enemies think he can’t fight, then BAM!

      Thank you for the info on the prequel TMBS! I haven’t started reading book 1 yet, but it sounds good.

      Yes, I liked The House of Secrets too! And I’m looking forward to read the second book.

      Thanks! I also enjoy hearing from you. Thoughts are much appreciated. 🙂

    • Oh, don’t let Weatherly hear you say that he is an adorable mascot, he insists that he is a tough ninja! 😆

      Yes, mascots (and ninjas) are very reliable bookfinders! It’s never too late to get one yourself! And they are very adorable. Huggable too!

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