[Tales on a Whim] The Shoddyville Diaries #2

The Shoddyville Gazette -Online-

by Rowan Bluepen

Harper Nightingale did it again.

Two years after her eponymous debut album reigned supreme at the top of music charts, pop siren Harper Nightingale once again proved why she had quickly become an elite member of the music industry. Her sophomore album “Taking Flight” skyrocketed straight to number one upon its release yesterday with its catchy carrier single “A Song For You.”

The singer renewed her music partnership with songwriter Kensi Amberdusk for this album — a decision that once again proved fruitful for both camps. Each started out as a relatively unknown singer and songwriter, but got their big break into mainstream with the 2011 hit song “Let It Go,” penned by Ms. Amberdusk. Harper Nightingale has since sold millions of albums, singles,  and concert tickets while Ms. Amberdusk has become one of the most sought after songwriters in the music scene. Both hail from Shoddyville, Faulty City, though they have never personally crossed paths until their fateful music collaboration two years prior to 2011.

Yours truly scored an exclusive interview with the two ladies, including an impromptu acoustic session where Harper Nightingale performed a cover of a current favorite song. You can read the interview and listen to the song on the next online edition of SOUNDBYTES.

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