[Random Babbles] Some Tunes and Drivels

Been really busy at work. Deadlines aren’t called deadlines if they aren’t even the slightest deadly, I suppose.

These don’t really have anything to do with books, but I felt like sharing some music stuff.

Tunes Trifecta! Shuffled my iPod Touch… This resulted.

  • Back in Black (AC/DC) – Yeah! Rock on.
  • Bella Luna (Jason Mraz) – He sounds even more awesome live.
  • Poison and Wine (The Civil Wars) – Love this. Simply beautiful. And bittersweet. (He looks like Mr. Depp, no?)

Some Random Hazyness

  1. I enjoy lazy Sundays. It doesn’t come too often, but when there’s a chance, I grab it .
  2. I always carry a folding umbrella in my bag. Rain or shine. But sometimes am too lazy to take it out.
  3. I’ve been dubbed “Chairman of the Bored” by my brother. Even Emily the Strange agrees. 😀


3 thoughts on “[Random Babbles] Some Tunes and Drivels

  1. 😆 But too hazy to take it out! I think the professor would do the same thing. It’s nice to walk in the rain.

    AC/DC? The professor hasn’t listened to them in a long time.

    I never thought about deadlines like that, but I like it lots!

    Why “Chairman of the Bored”? Though it is interesting.

    • I see your comment now, but I found it hiding in the spam bin and fished it out. Your computer probably did go wonky for a bit (is it still the one that vexed the professor with its slowness?)

      Lazy hazy. 😆 Yes, it’s nice to walk in a little rain, but not too much (we don’t want to get sick!)

      I only know a few of their songs, but Back in Black is the one I like best. Do you like AC/DC?

      Maybe because hazy is quite boring, really. And easily gets bored sometimes. 😀

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