[Random Babbles] Some Asian Cuisine and Squiggly Handwriting

When I got home from work, I was supposed to publish a post reviewing The House of Hades. But then, I was too tired and sleepy to reorganize my hazy mind to write a coherent post and then proofread. I remembered I wrote a few notes, but when I saw the Post-it, I could not understand some of my handwriting! 😆  Alas, I had written down notes too hastily while I was reading.

Lomogram_2013-10-26_12-27-23-AMCan you decipher some of the squiggly lines words I wrote?

And so, I have decided to just organize my thoughts (and draft) later in the morning, after a good night’s rest (because my eyes seem to be begging to stay closed now). But before I go, let me share what my friend and I had for dinner at an Asian fusion restaurant to welcome a work-free weekend.

Lomogram_2013-10-26_12-43-06-AMPho Beef Noodle Soup and Fried Vegetable Spring Rolls

They were pretty good, especially the vegetable spring rolls. I like spring rolls. Do you?

Have a nice weekend, everyone! 🙂

4 thoughts on “[Random Babbles] Some Asian Cuisine and Squiggly Handwriting

    • And thus more evidence of the hazy mind being close to the professorish mind. Don’t you think?

      Spring rolls are love! I like the fresh kind too, though I like the crunchiness of the fried ones so I like them more. What about you?

      Three orders of spring rolls will be shipped immediately. Weatherly is even volunteering to deliver them himself.

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