[Random Babbles] Weatherly’s Book Haul – Mission Report #2

Hazy is swamped with work, so she hasn’t been able to post much lately. And as her trusty ninja cat, I, Weatherly, took the liberty of posting something new here (sweet of me, isn’t it?).

I realize it’s been months since my last mission report for book acquisitions. So, here you go.

These were acquired in November and December:


And then the rest is books 2 to 5 of the King and Maxwell series by David Baldacci:

  • Hour Game
  • Simple Genius
  • First Family
  • The Sixth Man

Other than the Mark Twain ones, all of these were found at a bookshop that sells pre-owned/used books. So, they’re significantly cheaper, yet they still looked alright! Hazy made me find The Innocents Abroad as it was highly recommended by a punchy Professor friend of ours.


Hazy also got some lovely Christmas presents:

After reading Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, I remember Hazy telling me she isn’t fond of Gregory Maguire’s writing style, but she’ll probably be kinda forced to read two more of his books now. 😆

I believe she’s also read The Hound of the Baskervilles before. But if she feels like re-reading it, at least she won’t do so from the thick complete collection Sherlock Holmes book. This is much more portable, no?

Hazy informed me that she won’t be sending me on any more missions to acquire books for at least six months because she is running out of bookshelves, but we’ll see. I’ll give it a couple of months. 😉

This is Weatherly, signing out.

2 thoughts on “[Random Babbles] Weatherly’s Book Haul – Mission Report #2

  1. Hey, Weatherly, nice to hear from you!

    Wow, nice collection of books. And the professor is honored that you searched for Twain. 😀

    The Baldacci look good. As do a bunch of others.

    Tell Hazy the professor hopes that the busyness will run it’s course!

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