[Tales on a Whim] Brazentwerp Strikes Again

— The Shoddyville Diaries #6 —

It was a fine Saturday morning when a call woke Kensi Amberdusk from her slumber.

“Hello?” she murmured sleepily.

“Hey, sleepyhead. Ready for the movies tomorrow night?” Said a slightly deep voice, which made her smile.

“Yeah, yeah. Six. At the cafe?” She asked.

“Sounds good. I’ll be there a quarter before six,” Huxley Brazentwerp replied.

“Alrighty. See you then!”

“Can’t wait! As soon as I hang up, you’re going back to sleep, aren’t you?”

“You know me too well.”

Sunday night. Kensi arrived at the cafe just as the clock struck six. No Huxley.

Well, it’s only six. He said he’ll be here before then, but he’s probably just running late,  she thought.

Kensi ordered a cup of capuccino and sat on a comfy couch in an empty table for two.

Half-past six. No Huxley. She checked her mobile phone. No messages or missed calls. 

He’s probably just running late, she thought. Again. She sent him a text, “I’m sitting at the cafe, drinking a cup of coffee. I hope traffic isn’t too bad. See you soon.”

Seven o’clock. Still no Huxley. No replies to her text. No missed calls.

Hmm… I think I better give him a call, she decided.

Ring. Ring. Riiiiiiiiing~ Once. Twice. Three more times… The number you are trying to reach is unattended.  Please try your call later.

She sent another message. “Will take a stroll around the mall. Next screen time for the movie is 9 p.m. Text or call me when you’re here.”

8 p.m. No messages. No missed calls. Kensi is getting a bad feeling. Where is he?   she wondered. I hope nothing bad happened.

She tried to call again. Same results.

8:30 p.m. No missed calls. Still no Huxley. Still no messages.

I’ll send another text, she thought. “I’m going home. Call or text me when you can. Hope you’re OK. Good night.”

Message sent.

The next day, Kensi still hadn’t heard from Huxley.

Another day passed. And another. And another.

And then she realized something. Something she should have seen coming. You see, Huxley Brazentwerp has a reputation of standing people up.

“If he did what I think he did, I’m gonna curse him to oblivion!!! Arrrgh! I can’t believe I fell for it. AGAIN!” A frustrated Kensi muttered angrily to herself.

She went to her room, grabbed her boxing gloves, and headed for the punching bag.

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