[Book Review] Bridget Jones’s Diary

bridget_jones_1_coverTitle: Bridget Jones’s Diary
Author: Helen Fielding
Genre: Chick Lit
Published: June 1997 by Picador
Source: Purchased


Here’s a synopsis from the publisher:

A dazzling urban satire of modern human relations? An ironic, tragic insight into the demise of the nuclear family? Or the confused ramblings of a pissed thirty-something? 


It’s quite entertaining. Made me laugh here and there. And I agreed with some of Bridget’s opinions, especially the part about people asking about a single woman’s love life like it’s everyone’s business (SO annoying!)

<Warning: Rambling incoming…> It’s a bit frustrating that a substantial amount of people in our society today still thinks that a woman’s goal in life should include “must get married ASAP.” Personally, I would never rush into being in a committed relationship just to have a boyfriend, relieve the “peer/family pressure,” and satisfy other people’s curiosity about my love life. And I definitely would not rush into marriage just to prove anything to anyone. My life, my terms. Thank you very much. <end of rambling>

Ahem. Moving on.

Apparently, this book is a reinterpretation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (a book I love). I equated Daniel with Wickham and Mark Darcy with, of course, Mr. Darcy (gee, I wonder why). I also found it amusing that Hugh Grant and Colin Firth were mentioned in the book and ended up being the actors who portrayed the two leading men in the film adaptation. Even though I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the first film, I think they were both quite perfect casting for the characters they portrayed. While I was reading, I couldn’t help but picture those two whenever Daniel or Mark is on the page.

I was a bit surprised how much Bridget writes in her diary in a day or week. Maybe because I don’t keep one myself. I’m sure a lot of women (maybe even men) would find her diary entries, ramblings, and parts of her life relatable, one way or another.

I didn’t really feel any attachment to the characters. I could relate a little, yes, but had little emotional investment on Bridget, Daniel, or Mark. Although I did find myself groaning at times when Daniel appears. He’s somewhat charming, sure, but still mostly a jerk. I couldn’t really say much about Mark, other than he was a much more stand-up guy than Daniel (and that I think I mainly liked him because I always thought of Colin Firth).


I finished reading the book in half a day. Though I found it entertaining, it wasn’t as entertaining as I expected it to be. I think I won’t be reading the other books in the series. Overall, I think I’m just not that fond of Bridget’s personality or character (perhaps in part because I can’t help but picture Renee Zellweger as Bridget, and unfortunately, I’m not much of a fan of hers.)

The book was entertaining, yes. But Bridget just doesn’t seem to appeal to me, and neither do both guys (even if one was based on Mr. Darcy).

If you’re looking for a quick and amusing read with some romance mixed in, you might enjoy this one.



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