[Travel Tales] Of Lions and Merlions

Weatherly’s Travel Tales: Singapore

Hazy keeps bugging me to post about our my travels (I think it’s because she hasn’t got anything to post). So, here I go!

Hazy went on a short trip to Singapore again a few weeks ago for a quick vacation, and I, Weatherly, stealthily stowed in her luggage to tag along. I had to leave my katanas at home because of flight restrictions and such, but my bare paws are good enough, says Hazy. We had a nice trip.

We went to different places on different days. I don’t remember them in order, so what I’ll write is pretty random.

Hazy loves these, so we ate them for breakfast. Kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs, and coffee. Hazy especially likes the coffee. I must admit, it does taste good.Image(032)

Hello, Singapore! I think that’s the Singapore Flyer in the background. We were at a mall when I took the photo (Hazy went shopping a bit).

We went to the zoo and the Night Safari. We rode a tram, mostly. Hazy got a bit scared. But she got even more scared at the safari, especially when we took the walking trail. At night. Some animals were allowed to roam freely around the grounds. Hazy was worried they might go near her. I assured her protection, and reminded her I’ve taught her self-defense. But she’s still a scaredy cat, you know.

We saw lots and lots of animals. There was a wolverine. Not so tough, is it? Just sleeping around when I was there. Do you think I’ll win if it’s Weatherly vs. The Wolverine?WP_20140126_018

We saw so many magnificent animals like bears, kangaroos, wild dogs, hyenas, various tigers, and lions (which made Hazy shudder when it roared). There were a bunch of penguins too. Funny little guys.


 “Even though I got a bit scared. In hindsight, it was fun, actually, and quite educational,” says Hazy.

We stopped by the Merlion Park, Marina Bay Sands, and Sentosa, to name a few of the places we visited. Universal Studios was in Sentosa. We also rode a Segway and the Skyline Luge, which were super fun!

(See the pumpkin heads in these photos? Guess who that is? Silly girl. She doesn’t like posting her pictures, hence the pumpkin head.)

We also went to the S.E.A. Aquarium at the Marine Life Park oceanarium. The aquariums were huge! The staff has to wear diving gear just to get in there. There were tons of cool seafood marine animals!

One night, we went to the Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel and had a glass of Singapore Sling. Hazy’s not much of a drinker, but she says it tasted good! It wasn’t too alcohol-y, it was more juice-y. She liked it very much. I liked it too!

Goodbye, Singapore! It was a pleasure to visit, as always.

Oh, and while at the airport waiting for boarding time, I found this at the bookstore! Hazy’s been asking me to find this book since it was published last year, so I’m glad I did. She’s glad I did too!

Inside the plane, we sat near the exit in the middle part of the plane, so we got quite a bit of leg room. Hazy tried to read the book, but was fast asleep in a few minutes. I guess she was tired. We had a nice flight home.

 The End.

This is Weatherly, signing off. Until the next travel tale! (I wish Hazy won’t bug me again)


14 thoughts on “[Travel Tales] Of Lions and Merlions

  1. *laughing* Thanks so much for the review, Weatherly. And I’m sure that you’d beat 50 Wolverines any day

    Wow! seems like a nice time. (I do like the pumpkin, btw.) You know, I have to visit Singapore.

    • Ah, you flatter me professor! And I’m glad you found my adventure interesting.

      We did have a great time! The pumpkin was Hazy’s idea. She has good ideas sometimes. Oh, I think you’ll like Singapore! It’ll be a long flight from there though, I think.

      — Weatherly

    • I am nice to her (most of the time), dear professor! She wears sunglasses for cover too, but on long bus rides when she falls asleep (it’s boring, she says), even at night! *laughs* I think the people on the bus probably find her odd.

      (See, she says I keep using her ID, now she made me make one)

      • *laughing* Weatherly! Love the the pic and everything. Let me see…I, I must admit, wear sunglasses at night, too. Everyone already thinks the professor is odd, though. So that’s that. And I’m sure you protect her, too.

        *laughs* And it looks good, too.

      • Thank you! *bows ninja-ishly*

        Right you are professor! Protection is first priority. I don’t think Hazy or the professor is odd. You’re both just special! *wink*

        It does look good! I bet they suit the professor well! I should try on some of Hazy’s sunglasses and post pictures. I think they make me look cool! But she doesn’t like me messing with her sunglasses *grins mischievously*

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