[Book Review] Family Trust

family_trust_coverTitle: Family Trust
Author: Amanda Brown
Genre: Chick Lit
Published: Jul 2003 by Penguin Group
Source: Purchased


Here’s a description from the publisher’s website:

Becca Reinhart loves her life. Firmly planted on the Wall Street fast track to success, she has no desire to marry and raise a family. Ditto Edward Kirkland, a charming playboy who has never known what it means to work for a living, and hopes never to find out. Enter Emily, who becomes Becca and Edward’s common denominator when a quirk of fate gives them joint custody of the high-spirited little girl. Suddenly, two people who have never met find themselves immersed in the trials and tribulations of domestic life as they navigate the rocky shoals of parenthood, from naptime to play dates, psychological fitness screenings to the life-or-death preschool admissions process. And amid the daily demands of raising a young child, Becca and Edward discover something else: They’re made for each other.


As much as I liked this book, I must admit it’s far from perfect. Some parts of it may seem unrealistic at times. The story is predictable. The male character, Edward, charming and gentlemanly as he was, may be a bit of a pushover. Becca, the female lead, showed streaks of arrogance once in a while. Six-year-old Emily, though adorable, can be a bit of a brat when tantrums strike. However, they don’t always act that way, and I still found the characters quite endearing despite their flaws.

I liked how Becca and Edward realized there’s more to life than being successful in one’s career and attending fancy social functions. I liked how they tried their best to make things work and put little Emily’s needs before theirs. I liked how Becca and Edward gradually bonded and gained each other’s respect, trust, and eventually love as they weaved their way through the ups and downs of raising a child. I liked how each character developed  and became a better person in the process.


Though it has its shortcomings, I still like this book. I think it has a nice mix of romance, fun, seriousness, and heart without being overly cheesy and without having any adult or trashy scenes/language. I enjoy re-reading it whenever I feel like having something fuzzy, nice, and romantic. It’s a quick, easy read when you just want to kick back and relax and delve into a lighthearted story.

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