[Book Review] You’re the One that I Don’t Want

Youre_the_one_that_I_dont_want_coverTitle: You’re the One that I Don’t Want
Author: Alexandra Potter
Genre: Chick Lit
Published: May 2007 by Random House
Source: Lent by a friend


Here’s a synopsis from the author’s website:

What if you found your soulmate… and then discovered you couldn’t lose him?

When Lucy meets Nate aged 18, it is love at first sight. As far as she’s concerned, he’s The One. Caught up in the whirlwind of first love, they kiss under the Bridge of Sighs in Venice at sunset and – according to the legend – are tied together indefinitely.

But ten years later, they’ve almost forgotten about each other. That is, until fate starts to bring them together. Again. And again. And again. It doesn’t seem as wonderful as it had before, but if Nate’s not The One – then why on earth is it proving so hard to break up with him?

A funny and magical romantic comedy about what happens when every girl’s dream of finding her dream man comes very true indeed…


Lucy was a likable enough character. One can relate to her experiences, one way or another, but I can’t say I felt any attachment to her character. I did root for her to have a happy ending, though (it would be heartless of me not too, wouldn’t it?).

I knew something was up with Nate the minute their paths crossed again. I didn’t like his character. I actually liked Lucy’s sister (Kate) and Kate’s husband better. I liked Adam; he was sweet. The idea of the Bridge of Sighs and the way it seemed to bind Lucy and Nate was interesting. I think that does happen once in a while, no? Like when the person you were hoping to never bump into ever again seems to be the person you do bump into somewhere, somehow… As if some kind of cosmic insult, like the universe or the Fates conspiring against you or something.

Anyway. There was a part where it reminded me a bit of  the movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 days” when  Kate Hudson’s character was trying to ditch Matthew McConaughey… Oh wait, there was in fact a moment in the book where that did kinda happen.


  • Soulmates aren’t like buses; there’s not going to be another one along in a minute. That’s why they’re called ‘the One.’ I mean, if there were loads of them, they’d be called ‘the Five’, or ‘the Hundred’, or “the Never-Ending supply’.
  • “A break-up is one thing, but heartbreak is another.” – Robyn
  • If only men were like New York taxi-cabs and had a light that they can switch on when they’re interested and off when they’re not available. Then you’d know exactly where you were and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting it wrong and being horribly embarrassed.
  • ‘That life can change in the blink of an eye. All you have is right now. So dont ever put off telling someone how you feel about them, don’t assume that they know, because they might not and it might be too late.’ – Kate


 Hmm… Let’s see…

I thought the idea of the Bridge of Sighs and the way it seemed to bind Lucy and Nate was interesting. However, something seemed a bit of f in the execution of the story. I thought it got a bit repetitive at times and had one too many subplots that made me feel like the story kept jumping around a bit. The part I liked most were Kate and her husband’s story, and whenever Adam was around. He was a sweet and nice guy.

There were a few nice quotes. There were funny bits. There were cheesy bits. There were parts where it made me mutter “Oh, come on.” , “Yeah, right.” or “Really?”  There were some good parts. The writing wasn’t bad at all, but it wasn’t anything remarkable either. Just ordinary, I guess. Overall, the story can be quite predictable. Personally, I didn’t find it to be a page turner (took me several days to finish it).

If you like romantic comedy stuff, you might enjoy this one. You could read it while sitting at the beach or something, when you just feel like relaxing or reading something to pass the time.

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