Farewell, 2014. Hello, 2015!

Hello, 2015! Goal: Read 30 books this year.


Do you have a reading goal too?

For the year 2014, I was only able to read 11 new books even though I aimed for 30. Mainly because I got very busy with work and I kept re-reading my favorite books. The competitive side of me is pretty bummed about this, so this new year, I’ll aim for the same number of 30 new books and try harder to achieve that goal.


LOOKING BACK: Reading Challenge 2014

Among the 11 books I managed to read, I rated two books with 4 stars and four books with 3 stars (“really liked” and “liked,” respectively, based on the Goodreads rating system). David Baldacci’s Hour Game (#2, King and Maxwell serieswas the longest book with 726 pages.

I really enjoyed reading: The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo

Here’s an excerpt from my review:

All the characters had a pinch of darkness in them, but eventually, they saw the light because they had hope. Even in the slightest, teeny bit sense, there was still a glimmer of hope in their hearts. And that hope helped everyone in the story come to terms with their past and move forward in their lives.

I thought it was a very good story of love, hope, bravery, forgiveness, and redemption. It was a very nice story indeed. The story had a good flow and the narrative was nice and easy to follow. It was meant for children, but I liked that Ms. DiCamillo was unafraid to use challenging vocabulary. Sometimes big words were explained, sometimes they’re not, sometimes they’re just run through quickly.

I also enjoyed reading:

  • The Blood of Olympus (#5, Heroes of Olympus series) by Rick Riordan

I haven’t written a review of it yet, I’ll try and post one soon. It’s the final installment of the five-book Heroes of Olympus series. This series is a good read. But personally, I prefer the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, which I found to be more enjoyable.

WARP has quite an interesting premise.  It’ an eponym for Witness Anonymous Relocation Program, which is a covert operation by the FBI. Get this: the witnesses aren’t just relocated anywhere; they’re relocated in the past.

I really enjoyed the audio book of: American on Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot by Craig Ferguson

It was read by the author himself, and he was such a joy to listen to (his Scottish accent is lovely). It was very entertaining indeed. Here’s an excerpt from my review:

Armed with self-deprecating humor and cleverness, he was able to relate his story in a way that was moving, witty, inspiring, funny, and honest. Hearing the author himself narrate what he’s been through in life makes it even better. He read it with such emotion that I think whatever message and feelings  he wanted to convey got across well — sincerity, regret, sadness, desperation, love, happiness, pride, affection, hope, gratitude, second chances.


In general, the year 2014 was a pretty good year. Sure, there were many challenges that my family and I faced, but we all got through it. I am thankful.

Cheers to a new year! I wish y’all a wonderful 2015 that’s full of joy and blessings! 🙂

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