[Tales on a whim] She and the Sun

It was yet another brand new day. The first day of the week, even. The birds were chirping. Flowers were blooming. The Sun was shining. She woke up with a smile, as she does every day.

“Hello, my dear Sun! How are you today? How’s everything going to be today?” she cheerfully said.

The Sun replied with equal enthusiasm, “I feel wonderful! Another fine and beautiful day it will be, my lovely lady. That I promise you.”

“Sounds great! I believe what you say, as always. Thanks for brightening every moment of my every day.”

The Sun smiled lovingly and proudly shone up in the sky.

She went about her day as she normally did. Around noon, a knock was heard on the door.

Who might that be? she wondered. She got up and headed that way. She looked out the window and noticed gray clouds in the sky. How could this be? Didn’t the Sun promise a beautiful sunny day?

She reached the door, turned the knob, and was surprised to see the Sun. He was burning low; unenthusiastic he seemed.

“Hello, dearest Sun,” she said with a warm smile. “What can I do for you today?”

When the Sun didn’t respond for a while, she asked, “What seems to be the problem, Sun? Won’t you tell me, kind sir?”

“I seem to have lost my fire, the passion to burn brightly for you.”

“Hmm. That seems so out of the blue, Sun. We always have a great and happy time together.” There was worry in her eyes, but she tried to remain calm, patient, and kind.

The Sun was silent.

“What’s wrong, dearest Sun? Was it something I said?”

The Sun remained silent.

“Was it something I did?” She kept thinking, wondering, trying to remember anything she might have said or done—today or the days past—to make the Sun lose his desire to burn and shine brightly, beautifully, and passionately.

The Sun still remained silent. He then smiled a sad smile. He couldn’t say what he wanted to say. He seemed unable to share his reasons. He seemed confused, uncertain, unsure. He could only stay silent, looking at her expecting a reply as tears very slowly welled up her eyes.

And with that, he sadly bowed his head, turned, and walked the other way, leaving her clueless, friendless, speechless. All she could do was gaze woefully at the Sun as he walked away. As he disappeared from view, she could only close the door, sit on the floor, and weep silently. The Sun, whom she so truly and dearly loves, seemed to have gone away . . . perhaps for good.

And the overcast sky above will remain as it is until a new, or perhaps a reenergized, Sun comes and shines brightly again in this land of sudden gloominess where the dark clouds lie.

Another beautiful sunny day there will eventually be. And everything will be all right as before, or better, once again. In time, she believes it will.


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