[Travel Tales] Of Lions and Merlions

Weatherly’s Travel Tales: Singapore

Hazy keeps bugging me to post about our my travels (I think it’s because she hasn’t got anything to post). So, here I go!

Hazy went on a short trip to Singapore again a few weeks ago for a quick vacation, and I, Weatherly, stealthily stowed in her luggage to tag along. I had to leave my katanas at home because of flight restrictions and such, but my bare paws are good enough, says Hazy. We had a nice trip.

We went to different places on different days. I don’t remember them in order, so what I’ll write is pretty random.

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[Random Babbles] Weatherly’s Book Haul – Mission Report #2

Hazy is swamped with work, so she hasn’t been able to post much lately. And as her trusty ninja cat, I, Weatherly, took the liberty of posting something new here (sweet of me, isn’t it?).

I realize it’s been months since my last mission report for book acquisitions. So, here you go.

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[Random Babbles] Weatherly’s Book Haul – Mission Report #1

Hazy’s dear & trusty ninja cat, Weatherly, was given a mission: To find some new books for Hazy to read. Being the reliable stealthy ninja feline that he is, he chose to accept the mission. And he did very well indeed. After several weeks of scouring bookstores around town, the following are the titles that he acquired.

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