[Tales on a whim] She and the Sun

It was yet another brand new day. The first day of the week, even. The birds were chirping. Flowers were blooming. The Sun was shining. She woke up with a smile, as she does every day.

“Hello, my dear Sun! How are you today? How’s everything going to be today?” she cheerfully said.

The Sun replied with equal enthusiasm, “I feel wonderful! Another fine and beautiful day it will be, my lovely lady. That I promise you.”

“Sounds great! I believe what you say, as always. Thanks for brightening every moment of my every day.”

The Sun smiled lovingly and proudly shone up in the sky.

She went about her day as she normally did. Around noon, a knock was heard on the door.

Who might that be? she wondered. She got up and headed that way. She looked out the window and noticed gray clouds in the sky. How could this be? Didn’t the Sun promise a beautiful sunny day?

She reached the door, turned the knob, and was surprised to see the Sun. He was burning low; unenthusiastic he seemed.

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[Tales on a Whim] Amberdusk and the Poor Sunflowers

– The Shoddyville Diaries #7–

Lazily strumming her guitar, Harper Nightingale got distracted for a moment as a delivery man carrying a long box entered the office.

“Ms. Kensi Amberdusk?” he asked. His question was directed at her. She pointed towards the room right across from where she sat.

After saying a quick “thank you,” the man walked towards Kensi’s ofiice and knocked twice.

“Yes?” Kensi asked as she opened the door.

“Package for you, ma’am. Please sign here.”

Kensi’s brows furrowed a bit as she signed for the package, wondering what’s inside and who it’s from. Continue reading

[Tales on a Whim] Brazentwerp Strikes Again

— The Shoddyville Diaries #6 —

It was a fine Saturday morning when a call woke Kensi Amberdusk from her slumber.

“Hello?” she murmured sleepily.

“Hey, sleepyhead. Ready for the movies tomorrow night?” Said a slightly deep voice, which made her smile.

“Yeah, yeah. Six. At the cafe?” She asked.

“Sounds good. I’ll be there a quarter before six,” Huxley Brazentwerp replied.

“Alrighty. See you then!”

“Can’t wait! As soon as I hang up, you’re going back to sleep, aren’t you?”

“You know me too well.”

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[Tales on a Whim] A Fallen Amberdusk

Kensi Amberdusk found herself in a strange place.

This isn’t my house, that’s for sure, she thought. But it felt oddly familiar.

She remembered lounging around the living room and the softness of the multicolored carpet as she walked the floor. She recalled eating meals at the dining table and watching her favorite TV shows while sitting on the comfortable sofa late at night. And then there was the kitchen… She baked cookies and made pizza from scratch there.

Kensi walked back towards the living room and went up the stairs. She walked along the corridor, towards the East Wing. There were many rooms, but one of them looked familiar.

I slept in there, she remembered. That one’s mine.

As she entered the room, someone quickly grabbed her aside and placed a hand over her mouth. She didn’t even have time to scream.

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[Tales on a Whim] The Shoddyville Diaries #2

The Shoddyville Gazette -Online-

by Rowan Bluepen

Harper Nightingale did it again.

Two years after her eponymous debut album reigned supreme at the top of music charts, pop siren Harper Nightingale once again proved why she had quickly become an elite member of the music industry. Her sophomore album “Taking Flight” skyrocketed straight to number one upon its release yesterday with its catchy carrier single “A Song For You.”

The singer renewed her music partnership with songwriter Kensi Amberdusk for this album — a decision that once again proved fruitful for both camps. Each started out as a relatively unknown singer and songwriter, but got their big break into mainstream with the 2011 hit song “Let It Go,” penned by Ms. Amberdusk. Harper Nightingale has since sold millions of albums, singles,  and concert tickets while Ms. Amberdusk has become one of the most sought after songwriters in the music scene. Both hail from Shoddyville, Faulty City, though they have never personally crossed paths until their fateful music collaboration two years prior to 2011.

Yours truly scored an exclusive interview with the two ladies, including an impromptu acoustic session where Harper Nightingale performed a cover of a current favorite song. You can read the interview and listen to the song on the next online edition of SOUNDBYTES.

[Tales on a Whim] The Shoddyville Diaries #1 – Meet Huxley

Huxley Brazentwerp was a handsome man. Everyone in Shoddyville knew it, and he, most of all. He had dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes. He had a megawatt smile that could melt any lady’s heart. He liked to party and drink fancy wine.

Huxley was always very late (sometimes even a no-show) at appointments, even when it’s just meeting up with friends. They would, of course, tell him off, but they could never stay mad at him for long. You see, he’s used to getting what he wants.

He was a relatively nice guy, and he could be gentlemanly at times (whether this was done consciously or subconsciously, no one really knew). But more often than not, Huxley tended to be a jerk. Even so, no one seemed to be able to resist his charm. Huxley always managed to make most people turn a blind eye on his wrongs and get away scot-free. Even Kensi Amberdusk was not immune to this so-called charm of his. No, I daresay she wasn’t; the poor girl. At least for the most part.