[12 Days of Christmas] #8: That’s Christmas to Me, Cupid!

On the 8th day before Christmas, Hazy (and Weatherly) recommend:

Mythology_coverSTORY / BOOK –
 “Cupid and Psyche” from Mythology by Edith Hamilton

Edith Hamilton’s Mythology is one of my favorite books. It’s a collection of Greek (mostly), Roman, and Norse myths. I first read it when I was 11, and I truly enjoyed it. “Cupid and Psyche” quickly became one of my favorites (I’m such a hopeless romantic, I know 😆 ).

Quick Quotes

… that beautiful winged youth whom some call Cupid and others Love, against whose arrows there is no defense, neither in heaven nor on earth.

Psyche, the all beautiful, sat sad and solitary, only admired, never loved.

“Love cannot live where there is no trust.” – Cupid

SONG – “That’s Christmas to Me” by Pentatonix

This one is an original song from this very talented quintet. I like the simple arrangement and the feeling of nostalgia it evokes. 🙂