[Tales on a whim] She and the Sun

It was yet another brand new day. The first day of the week, even. The birds were chirping. Flowers were blooming. The Sun was shining. She woke up with a smile, as she does every day.

“Hello, my dear Sun! How are you today? How’s everything going to be today?” she cheerfully said.

The Sun replied with equal enthusiasm, “I feel wonderful! Another fine and beautiful day it will be, my lovely lady. That I promise you.”

“Sounds great! I believe what you say, as always. Thanks for brightening every moment of my every day.”

The Sun smiled lovingly and proudly shone up in the sky.

She went about her day as she normally did. Around noon, a knock was heard on the door.

Who might that be? she wondered. She got up and headed that way. She looked out the window and noticed gray clouds in the sky. How could this be? Didn’t the Sun promise a beautiful sunny day?

She reached the door, turned the knob, and was surprised to see the Sun. He was burning low; unenthusiastic he seemed.

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[TV Review] Sleepy Hollow and Nikita

One of these two television series has to do with books. Thus, it’s alright to post in this book blog. Well that, and because I want to. 😀

Among the TV shows that premiered in Fall 2013 that I saw, I found Sleepy Hollow to be the most interesting.

Nikita premiered in Fall 2010 and ended its four-season run in 2013. It is most likely one of my favorite shows ever.

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[Thoughts in Haiku] The Tell-Tale Heart


All posts this week will be related to Halloween (not much, really, since I only post something twice or thrice a week 😀 ). Something creepy, something chilling, or something supernatural, perhaps?

And so it begins…


Summary and Thoughts in Haiku on: The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

His eye unnerved him
Obsessive thoughts formed in mind
Old man’s life, must take

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